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Pramex International is an international Corporate & Financial service provider. While leaders focus on developing business, we handle their back office operations. We work on organic growth projects, offering in-house Corporate Services for incorporation & finance (accounting, bank, tax, legal, visa, payroll) related to their international subsidiaries.

In addition, we support and advise CEO’s for external growth projects by conducting international acquisitions on behalf of our clients.

Our team of about fifteen professional advisors in Mergers and Acquisitions, works primarily on small & medium-sized deals (€ 5 to 80 million).

Belonging to the 2nd largest French banking & indurance Group (BPCE) we have been able to set-up "French desks" worldwide & in Singapore dedicated to French headquartered businesses !

Why work with us

1/ Our organization, which is based on an integrated network of Pramex International subsidiaries and on in-house production processes, allows us to handle and manage all back office duties for our clients in several countries simultaneously, in a transversal and harmonized way.

2/ A multicultural team with local & international expertise: deep understanding of your HQ environment and local specificities.

3/ Quality, sustainability & long-term commitment: recognized know-how = more than 95% customers’ satisfaction rate. No subcontractors, most services are provided by our internal experts. A systematic quality control with all our customers. Understanding and perfectly meeting our clients’ needs is our top priority!

4/ Safe investments: part of an international leading French banking & insurance group (BPCE), we provide a secured environment with full control of your local operations & daily back-ups.

5/ Your partner worldwide: a multi-country operational capacity.


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