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If you could base yourself anywhere in the world,

Choose the laws and tax regulations you want to apply to your business, reduce risk and make more money,

Would you like to know more?

The reality is we operate in a global economy.

And VanillaLaw helps entrepreneurial SME’s to achieve fast paced business growth.

Yes we are lawyers by profession, but not mindset.

We work proactively with company directors to implement company structures that save millions, protect Intellectual Property to prevent global theft and erosion of growth, match European businesses with Asian corporate funders and much more.

The world is a smaller place, your business can benefit.

Why work with us

1. We are cost effective - Fixed fee base on objectives and a plan (not time base charge)

2. We have a team with a combine experience of more than 26 years in business. The founder is an entreprenuer having started his law firm straight after law school. He understands the challenges of the business owner (as he is one himself) and how the law is integrated into the various business functions.

3.We are a full digital law firm which means we have the means to render the service to any client based any where in the world.

4. We have in our midst a Japanese qualified lawyer to assist with cross border work between UK/SG/Japan.



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Mark Goh

Managing Director


Vivienne Wee

Director of Operations

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